Inter Cultural Centre

ICC’s priorities are set according to the needs of society within the context of its mission, as deemed by its Trustees.



Inter cultural centre (ICC) is a UK registered charity with a goal of increasing cohesion within our society based on development of individual aptitudes, which play an important role in each person’s sense of identity, around the principals of Human Rights and values. As part of this mission ICC aim is also centred on removing barriers in society that prevent cultural cohesion through education process that highlights the important role that Human Rights play in bringing together different groups in society.


A short description to what Inter Cultural Centre charity organisation is all about and what it’s role is within the society.

Understanding Consciousness and Human Self 25 November 2011

Understanding Consciousness and Human Self (Questions from you, Answers from Dr Seyed Azmayesh) Understanding Consciousness:A Challenge for Modern Science Exploring consciousness through psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and spiritual insight. Question from...

Consciousness and the Extended Mind 25/11/2011

“Consciousness and the Extended Mind” with Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Seyed Azmayesh. What is consciousness? Is consciousness a product of the brain? The answers to these age-old questions still largely elude modern science. This exciting event aims to shed some light on...