ICC organised in London a conference and discussion round “Understanding Consciousness: A Challenge for Modern Science”. Exploring consciousness through psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and spiritual insight. What is consciousness? What do we know about altered states of consciousness? What is the relationship between consciousness and reality? The answers to these age-old questions still largely elude modern science. This exciting event aims to shed some light on these important topics through a multidisciplinary approach encompassing psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and spiritual insight. Through a mixture of presentations and open discussions, attendees of this event will be given a broad overview of this multidisciplinary vision of consciousness and will be able to share their thoughts.

Professor Max Velmans is a renowned psychologist and expert in consciousness studies. He has published numerous books on the topic, most recently Understanding Consciousness, Edition 2 (Routledge/Psychology Press, London, 2009) in which he describes his theory of reflexive monism.

Dr Shanida Nataraja is a neuroscientist and author of The Blissful Brain: Neuroscience and Proof of the Power of Meditation (Gaia Books, London, 2005). She has spent many years researching the effects of altered or ‘higher’ states of consciousness on the human brain.

Jay Lakhani is a theoretical physicist, as well as an expert in esoteric Hinduism and well known speaker on the topic of consciousness in relation to the quantum world. He is also the Head of the Hindu Academy and a teacher at Eton College. Dr Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh a renowned spiritual master, a researcher and expert in comparative religions and spiritual paths. He has published numerous articles and books on the nature of spirituality and spiritual paths.